Our Practice

Alliance GLC counsels clients throughout the life cycle of their wealth – its creation, accumulation, maintenance, use, exchange and transfer. For many clients, a significant portion of their wealth is in a business. We help clients manage risk when they form, grow, operate, defend, transfer and terminate a business.

We help clients form businesses such as corporations and limited liability companies. As their businesses grow, we help them with purchase, sale, distribution,  licensing, employment and other agreements that are needed to help businesses operate smoothly and profitably.

Although we do not represent clients in litigation, we advise clients in disputes with employees, employers, competitors, regulators, customers and other constituents so as to avoid protracted and expensive litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, we can serve as general counsel to manage and cooperate with dispute resolution counsel to get an appropriate result at a reasonable cost.

Because of the breadth and depth of our experience, we can provide valuable assistance in major transactions such as the merger, acquisition or divestiture of a business. These transactions often involve legal issues in several disciplines such as labor and employment, intellectual property, financing, real estate and taxes.

We have experience in helping clients with transfers of wealth whether it be by license, lease, gift or sale. The proper identification of rights and methods of transfer are crucial to successful transactions involving transfers of equipment, inventory, intellectual property, real estate, entire businesses and other assets. We can assist with these transfers whether they occur during one’s lifetime or after death as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

When a business or relationship has run its course, we can assist clients with a termination or succession plan.